Don Domino

Endless building fun with dominoes!

The best quality domino stones produced right in Europe. Although Don Domino is a relatively new producer with the first production hitting the market in 2020, it is already the first choice for many when thinking about buying new domino stones.
That’s why we are super proud to welcome Don Domino as the main sponsor of the WDC 2024 event. Not only are we being lent tens of thousands of brand new, high-quality stones, but we, as domino professionals, were also asked for our opinion and feedback on the quality at an early stage of the stones’ development.

Don Domino already offers more than 30 different colors and continues to amaze us by constantly offering new colors. On the Don Domino website, DDT is listed as a partner and you can hear our unbiased opinion about the quality of the stones.
If you are looking for very good quality stones for a good price, then Don Domino is the right place for you. Whether it’s for yourself or for your family, take a look at the website and the social media channels of Don Domino.

Horeca de Vallei

A sporty meeting place!

Horeca de Vallei has profiled itself in the past year to be more than just a sports café for coffee and a quick snack. In 2020, it was completely refurbished and given a warm atmosphere.
Every year we are fortunate to dine in Horeca de Vallei. The chef does his utmost every evening to provide a healthy and nutritious meal for what seems like a famished group of builders. A friendly battle has arisen whether we can empty all the pans that the chef has prepared for us, and the chef does his best to make just enough that we still can’t finish it.

In addition to the high-quality meals for us and the always hungry swimmers from the adjacent swimming pool, the valley also regularly provides meals at other sports events. For example, almost every year a group of 500 participants in the Veenendaal cycling tour descend on the restaurant.

If you are curious about the wide range from a cup of coffee or a quick snack to a three-course menu in a charming restaurant, take a look at the website and feel free to drop by in the hospitable catering of De Vallei.

Sport service Veenendaal

Sport is more than movement!

Whether you want to have a fun day out swimming with your whole family or want to participate in an organized tour, Sport service Veenendaal has something for everyone. With the ultimate goal of getting everyone from young to old to play sports and exercise, the offer and possibilities are endless.
For the 6nd year in a row, DDT is a guest in the main location on Sportlaan in Veenendaal. We rent the large sports hall for 2 weeks and dine every day in the restaurant of the sports café. In 2019, we had a wonderfully relaxing day in the swimming pool on our rest day, which was gifted to us by Sport service Veenendaal.

To set hundreds of thousands of stones this year, the floor of the sports hall is delivered super clean so we don’t have a grain of sand under the stones that could make the whole thing fall prematurely. Sport service Veenendaal is super hospitable and works with us to make the event bigger every year.

In addition to the 12 gymnasiums and 3 sports halls, Sport service Veenendaal has a large swimming complex where school swimming, competitive swimming and aqua sports are organized. There is also a large indoor and outdoor pool where hundreds of children and families can enjoy a refreshing dip, various slides, mini golf, and more in the summer. In collaboration with the municipality and other organizations, sports activities are offered at primary schools as well as large activities such as the City Run and Veenendaal on Ice.

If you are curious about the wide range of Sport service Veenendaal or are looking for a partner to organize a sports activity, be sure to get in touch! Visit the website and social media channels of Sport service Veenendaal.

Van Eijk Brothers

Service and Flexibility!

Van Eijk Brothers is a family business that was founded in 1908. The transport company has now grown to 120 employees who manage an average of 250 shipments per day.
This year, DDT’s domino stones are being transported from the storage location in North Brabant to Veenendaal by truck. The 8 pallets weigh almost 4.5 tons, so we are very pleased that this heavy work is being done by an experienced company.

If you have a shipment in the Benelux that needs to be done, big or small, the family business Van Eijk Brothers is ready for you. With excellent service, they think along with you to best meet your needs. Feel free to contact them to discuss the possibilities or take a look at their website.

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