About us

The Dutch Domino Team (DDT) started as a group of friends. Building with dominoes had been a pastime and hobby for all of us. Through sharing our projects on YouTube, we got connected to each other. In the beginning we visited each other and started building in our bed- and living rooms. We’ve managed to expand this to a successful annual event with a different theme each year and an ever-growing number of dominoes.

World Domino Collective

This is the first year that we rebranded our event. Through the years more international builders joined us to help realising our annual event. We have had the privilege to add builders from Germany, Belgium, Austria, France and Israel to our team. This is the reason why we changed the name of our event to the “World Domino Collective”.

WDC 2021 – Fairy Tales

In 2021, the World Domino Collective organized the very first event under the new name. A team of 20 international builders worked for two full weeks to set up more than 582,000 dominoes. The theme of the event was ‘Fairy Tales’. Three stories – Peter Pan, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and Beauty and the Beast – were brought to life in a fascinating way with dominoes.

WDC 2022 – Domino Valley

On August 19, 2022, the World Domino Collective 2022 took place. The ambitious goal of this event was to surpass an existing amateur record by toppling over 750,000 dominoes. The chosen theme was ‘Domino Valley’, an original and self-designed concept that took the shape of an amusement park. This amusement park was divided into three sub-themes: Space, Candy, and Maya. With more than 700,000 toppled stones, this event was an insane success.

WDC 2023 – Happy Time Travel Day

In 2023, the World Domino Collective organized the spectacular event ‘Happy Time Travel Day,’ sponsored by ATR Travel and the Dutch Domino Team. A team of 30 international builders set up more than 800,000 dominoes over the course of two weeks. During this event, three lucky people – Maes, Rosie, and Collin – undertook a time journey of one hour forward and one hour back… or so they thought.

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